Our Warranty

Your new home is a place that will shelter you and your family for years to come. That is why we offer a warranty that you can be assured sand creek is committed to a well built home and your satisfaction. All Sand Creek homeowners receive a comprehensive Homeowner’s Guide, a one or two, and ten-year warranty that is transferable with the sale of the home.  This Warranty covers one year for Workmanship and Materials, two years for all systems (Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical), and 10 years for major structural components of the home, providing peace of mind and enjoy your new home!

Energy Efficient

Sand Creek Homes help you save on utility bills thanks to our energy-efficient homes. We work hard to ensure our homes are constructed for utmost efficiency.

♦ Construction Technique

Sand Creek uses foam insulation, special framing techniques and improved insulation systems help reduce internal leaks and drafts. This helps minimize gaps  and voids.

♦ Ventilation

Efficient delivery and filtration systems reduce dust, odors and indoor contaminants.

♦ Pressure

Return air ducts, transfer grilles, or jumper ducts help balance pressure throughout the home, enabling air to circulate more easily.